Nitrous Oxide Sedation in Arlington Heights, IL

Fear of visiting the dentist is quite common.  There are many people who would prefer to live in discomfort and pain instead of visiting the dentist for treatment.

Luckily, with recent technological advancements and sedation dentistry in Arlington Heights, it is now possible to decrease your nervousness.  With sedation dentistry, you have the option to be entirely at ease when you’re in the dental chair!

What is Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation dentistry refers to dental procedures where the patient is sedated using various methods to ensure a quick and pain-free dental procedure.  Sedation can range from a minimal level of sedation where you are awake but very calm, to general anesthesia where you will be completely unconscious.  At Davis & Langefeld Family Dental we offer Nitrous Sedation to our patients. Nitrous sedation is also known as laughing gas and is administered with a mask on the patient’s face. The use of nitrous sedation helps you to relax while still remaining cooperative.  This sedation is preferred for mild to moderate anxiety and wears off quickly so you can resume your activities soon after your procedure.

Dental anxiety should not prevent anyone from having a perfect, healthy smile.  Contact Davis & Langefeld Family Dental to learn more about nitrous sedation in Arlington Heights and how it can be used to make your dental treatments easier and more comfortable.